I’m glad you landed here! My hope is to share advice for adulting to help you find direction, gain traction and unleash your potential as you navigate adulthood. Yes, it can be hard, but if you put in the work, it just gets better and better.

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I’m a no nonsense gal, so there’s some tough love, there’s some humor, and these ideas might challenge your perspectives. There are so many young women, probably much like you, who have so much going for them but feel a little lost. 

The tips and nuggets of advice shared here have been accumulated over decades working with many different people, living with animals, and exploring the wilderness. Much of what I share isn’t my original creation, but a collection of wisdom I picked up from others along my journey.

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Author who shares life advice for young woman running in the Rocky Mountains
I’m Steph Wilson–an outdoor enthusiast and animal lover, mom of two teenage girls, and I’ve been married to a great guy for 20 years. Having spent the past 25 years coaching young women in a career in hospitality, I saw the need for older women to share their experiences with those who are younger.
I wish I had known and implemented these lessons sooner in my life.




  • The 5 Love Languages was a defining book for me, as it helped me understand so much about relationships. Everything (almost) in this book can be applied to friendships, family, and work relationships in addition to love relationships. This book will change how you look at relationship dynamics and help you show up better in yours.
  • Life After College was one of the first books I came across and read while I was researching my book idea. It changed the direction I wanted to go as Jenny Blake does such a good job of covering so many topics, I didn’t think another book like this was needed!
  • The Way of the Shepherd is written based on Christian beliefs, but if that isn’t your jam it is easy to set that aside and still get a ton out of this story. It’s an easy to read parable that makes you think a lot about how you can show up as a leader.
  • Leadership and Self-Deception is another great leadership lesson told in a parable style. It sure revealed some places I may have been deceiving myself as a leader and kind of pulled my head out of my rear.
  • Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is a recent read of mine that really struck a chord for me with beautiful lessons about humanity coming through the author’s stories of the therapy journey.


  • Hidden Brain is a very well-known podcast, but it’s popular for a reason. It’s so good! Every episode I listen to teaches me something really valuable about how we operate and why.
  • The Relationship School podcast is one I stumbled upon years ago, and it’s not one I listen to all the time, but every time I come back to it there is a great nugget to be gained about relationships.
  • The Entreleadership podcast is a part of the Dave Ramsey empire. It’s designed for business owners and leaders, but any level of leader can gain some really valuable tips and tools from what they have to offer on this show. This is a Christian-based organization, but I don’t feel that it’s overwhelming for those of other world views.
  • Ride On with Julie Goodnight is for anyone fascinated with horses. Julie is such a down-to-earth teacher of horse(wo)manship, and her approach is easy to apply to any style of riding.
  • All Groan Up is packed with great life advice from Paul Angone, who has written a number of books for navigating your 20’s. He’s lighthearted, honest, and pragmatic.


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